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With their debut theatrical release Luggage written and directed by Jonesy along with producers Armando Sahugan and Jason RayaSee Through Productions presents a unique (modern-day-meets-old-world adventure) that begins in a mysterious desert world. When a Young Man Adam Brotman embarks on a perilous journey to discover the meaning of life, the intense heat and harsh terrain take their toll on the weary Young Man who becomes lost and totally disoriented. However, a peculiar Old Man Larry Thompson finds the lost traveler and offers to help. Though apprehensive at first, the young man decides to set off with the unknown companion. Their journey together takes them through extraordinary landscapes and fantastic lands where they are haunted by an evil force, portrayed by the lovely Ivana Brooks. The Young Man's faith is tested as he must ultimately make a life or death decision. Where is the Old Man leading him? Who is he? What happens to the Young Man? Watch Luggage and take part in a thrilling story that challenges us all to let go of the things that bring us down. Also starring Brinton Ward and Micheal Geretz. Neshima, 2014


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